380: Toni Bernhard on Living with Chronic Illness


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This is Toni Bernhard’s second time as a guest on the show and we’re so glad to have her back. She is a former law professor at the University of California, a practicing Buddhist for 25 years, and the author of many books including the one she and Eric discuss in this episode, How to Be Sick: Your Pocket Companion.

Eric and Toni talk about her experience living with chronic illness, what she has learned and what she now has to teach others about how they might suffer less amidst their own experience with chronic pain and other long term health conditions.

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In This Interview, Toni Bernhard and I Discuss Living with Chronic Illness and…

  • Her book, How to Be Sick: Your Pocket Companion
  • How we can feel our emotions without necessarily feeding them
  • That pushing feelings away in aversion just makes them stronger
  • Repressing emotions intensifies them
  • Her own experience with chronic illness
  • The three components of pain
  • Examining the meanings that we give things
  • The liberating Zen teaching of “Don’t know mind”
  • What to do when things don’t go our way
  • Why it can be so hard to be kind to ourselves
  • That being sick is part of being alive, not because you’re not doing something wrong

Toni Bernhard Links:

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