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About Jen:

Jen Fitzpatrick is a high-school Spanish teacher and the gluten-free blogger behind The Nomadic Fitzpatrick’s. Jen was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2009, only months before beginning a semester abroad in Madrid. After college, she moved to Boston with her husband Dylan and began cooking and baking gluten-free meals that her non-celiac hubby drooled over. When Jen wasn’t in the kitchen, she was planning their next big adventure. Jen and Dylan live for hiking, traveling, and exploring together. In 2019, they both took unpaid sabbaticals from their jobs and set out as nomads (hence the website name!) to backpack around the world for six months – and Jen did so safely on a gluten-free diet. It was on that trip that Jen left her old self behind, and embraced a new lifestyle, new career, and new path. Through her own trials and errors of living, eating, and traveling with celiac disease both at home and around the world, she’s here to empower you to eat well and explore to your heart’s content – without a dietary restriction getting in the way. On her website, you’ll find recipes, guides, and tips for living a healthy and happy gluten-free lifestyle.

In this episode, you'll learn:

How to create packages that address your target market’s pain points.

The secret to creating multiple packages that make sense together and take the customer on a journey over time.

When to add an online course + how to price one.

About my advice for Jen’s service pricing strategy.

About the power of validation calls and getting feedback from your target market so that you hit the nail on the head with your offering.

What it’s like to be personally coached by me! I didn’t edit a thing - so you’ll hear my real thoughts, honest advice, and even my “ums” as I think.

Resources Mentioned:

Free Quiz: What’s Your Genius?

Your Conscious Empire

The Mentorship: subscription-style business coaching with Kelly Trach

List of books mentioned here: kellytrach.com/tools

Apply for coaching with Kelly: kellytrach.com/coaching

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