S4 E3: Closing the Loop with Dairy & Eggs (with Kate Schat)


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Eggs and dairy are certainly no stranger to this podcast. However, even with all my experience, I've never been able to figure out how to keep things going year-after-year without heading back to the store. In order to help solve this very problem, in today's episode I'm bringing in my good friend Kate Schat. Kate runs her blog, Venison for Dinner, and has dedicated her life to homesteading and homeschooling. Kate lends her expertise and experience when it comes to creating self-sustaining, closed loop solutions for eggs and dairy. In our season long quest to break ourselves free from the systems that society has built for us, Kate is a wealth of information for anyone who choses to strike out on their own.

Connect with Kate below: http://venisonfordinner.com/


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