Ep 29. Life on the flipside with Jamie Tones


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Jamie Tones is the host of the Flipside Podcast. As Jamie is a podcaster, I love these conversations as we can just get into it discuss life, opinions and everything in between. We cover why you are the richest you’re ever going to be right now, who our doppelgängers are, what it’s like to interview your parents, what principles we live by, how to remember your values, can you be successful and happy at the same time, having a quarter-life crisis and a whole lot more.

Find out more about Jamie and the Flipside Podcast:

Flipside Instagram: instagram.com/flipsidepod

Bondi Bowls: instagram.com/bondibowlsuk

Jamie on Twitter: twitter.com/gingerjct

Jamie on Instagram: instagram.com/gingerjct

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