Tellurian's CEO on the proposed Driftwood project, energy transition and the future of LNG


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The dearth of newly sanctioned LNG export projects in 2020 and so far in 2021 — especially in North America, which has been responsible for the majority of new LNG supply globally over the last five years — is a worrisome sign for the market that could lead to more price volatility in the future.

In North America, there was only one new liquefaction project sanctioned last year — Sempra Energy’s Energia Costa Azul project on Mexico’s Pacific Coast. More than a dozen other developers in the US, Canada, and Mexico are actively pursuing projects of their own, although the field is dwindling amid ongoing contracting and financing challenges.

Exelon-backed Annova LNG recently canceled its LNG export project in Texas. Analysts expect more US greenfield projects to drop off the board.

We spoke with Tellurian CEO Octavio Simoes about the developer’s continued efforts to secure commercial support for its proposed Driftwood LNG facility in Louisiana.

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