Mental Fitness, Self-Sabotage, and Seeking Purpose - A Talk w/ Dr Sarah Taylor


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In today's conversation, we listen to Dr Sarah Taylor. We discuss our different self-sabotaging voices, and Sarah's concept of Mental Fitness, all so we can learn how to overcome some of these destructive yet common issues that leaders face. In this lively episode, we discuss our difficulties and challenges, as well as what we know has helped others overcome theirs.

Sarah helps leaders develop the mental fitness needed to thrive amidst the demands and pace of the 21st century to overcome stress, overwhelm and burnout. She combines her experience as an organisational development professional and executive coach with knowledge gained through her PhD in health and wellbeing to bring a uniquely holistic focus to her work with leaders so they can develop new mindsets, access their inner wisdom, overcome self-sabotage, build personal resilience and manage their energy levels.

If you enjoyed what Sarah shared with us today, you can find her mental fitness programme on her website here. You can find out more about her work and contact her here.

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