EP223 - Low Sexual Desire & Erotic Fiction with A.B. Kelleher


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Welcome to episode 223 of the Sexology Podcast! Today I'm delighted to welcome A.B. Kelleher to the podcast. In this episode, A.B. Kelleher speaks to me about his book Little Green Pills, how he became interested to write the book, learning to cultivate your imagination for better sex and analyzing why shame stops people from cultivating their sexual fantasies.

A.B. Kelleher is the author of Little Green Pills - It all started in a clinical trial to help women with low libido. But when a black-market version of synthetic testosterone starts spreading like wildfire, the effects don't stop with amped-up love lives.

As a sexual revolution that makes the 1960s look like Victorian England sweeps the US, and social roles radically shift, the government creates the Reproductive Health Administration (RHA) to suppress trafficking in Little Green Pills. As the newest iteration of the "War on Drugs" fails miserably, life for RHA Director Eric Veritan is about to get dangerously interesting.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • How A.B Kelleher became interested in writing Little Green Pills
  • The relationship between sex drive and testosterone
  • How sex can make almost anything more interesting!
  • Approaching erotica for the first time with Little Green Pills
  • Learning to cultivate your imagination for better sex
  • How you can best augment your fantasies
  • Why some people feel ashamed for what turns them on
  • Analyzing shame stories and what stops people from cultivating their sexual fantasies
  • How medical treatments alongside therapy can work great to improve your sex-life


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