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Where does one start to describe Dave Prior? You can start with strong-foundations; his vision, commitment and self-belief. What about his history? Simply track the incredible story of his family, his understanding of the power of brands, the dedication he has to himself, his craft and his team. Now look at the incredible products that this extraordinary entrepreneur has built and bought. Add these together and you get an incredible entrepreneur with an amazing story, and plenty left in the tank. Dave’s penchant for risk is off the charts, matched only by his ability to deliver outstanding outcomes. What is clear is that Dave draws additional strength from his tight-knit family, and doesn’t make everything one way traffic - he gives back to his staff and community and that makes his journey all the more impressive. Our discussion of self-belief and values is very informative, as is the resolve that Dave displayed against all odds when "experts" told him that he was destined for failure. Enjoy our discussion.

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