1?? - Special Delivery (SQDSV2x09) (with Barnacle and John Davidson)


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John Davidson once again joins Zack and perennial hanger-on Barnacle to finally get back through the Stargate to talk about SeaQuest DSV again, and we got ourselves a doozy here! That’s right, it’s the one where DAGWOOD IS ON TRIAL FOR MURDER. As we dive (see what I did there?) deep into some classic season 2 SeaQuest, the boys reminisce on the profound effect Dagwood’s plight had on them as kids, cardboard Santas, the deceptively deep wisdom of Darwin, the old Scheid’/’Side debate, and dish on why SeaQuest might actually be the best show of the whole damn Stargate franchise. Hop into the gate for some aquatic adventure with the best seamen around!

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