114: David Cobb on Learning & Teaching Azure and AWS


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Mike is chatting today with David Cobb, an Azure and AWS Trainer! They’re catching up on all the awesome things David has been up to the last few years both in the Cloudskills Community and in the industry. You won’t want to miss all the insight he has, especially around life-long learning and teaching.

In this episode, we talk about…

  • David’s background and career journey, from IT Help Desk work to web applications work to his current work on the cloud and teaching students.
  • How teaching opened up a lot of additional career opportunities for David. And why teaching actually helps you learn things better, because it forces you to know subjects inside and out, well enough to explain them to other people.
  • Different ways to teach and add value, such as public speaking, blogging, other content creation, and new social media apps like Clubhouse.
  • Why it’s important for everyone, no matter what level, to admit that they are still learning and figuring things out.
  • The pros and cons of learning new skills by studying as an individual versus joining a community. And why social learning is a true game-changer for anyone trying to learn cloud skills.
  • The benefits of multi-cloud competition and why it’s important to keep an open mind and speak all of the languages.
  • The best career advice David’s ever gotten, which involves learning and growing from our own mistakes. And how this can only happen if you’re first willing to try new things and fail.

Links to resources:

David Cobb: Cloudskills Page | Github

David’s hour-long AWS Command Line training video on Youtube

Mike Pfeiffer: Twitter

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