A Deep Dive Look into Asian Hate and Diversity with Taylorwjc


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Is TikTok the new mecca for diversity? As far as social media platforms go, it appears to be so – more so than Instagram, YouTube or anywhere else. The Bunny Barbie thinks so and so does her guest for this episode, the super-cute Chinese-Canadian TikTok influencer, Taylor Wang, who you most probably know better as Taylorwjc. In this short but sweet bedtime chat, we will hear snippets of Taylor’s Chinese heritage, their move to Toronto (another diversity heaven), how they started on TikTok, and why they prefer the platform over Instagram or YouTube. Taylor also throws in some of their opinions on the ongoing issues of Asian hate, racism, and gun violence, and the marked contrast of acceptance and inclusion that TikTok offers as a platform. Based on where they are right now in terms of followership, it’s not far-fetched to say that Taylor is on their way to one million by the end of the summer! That is so much for them and their community to look forward to.

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