Wise Words From A Long Time Real Estate Investor with Jim Rehor


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Take a journey down memory lane in this episode as your host Marck interviews one of SBD’s longest-standing real estate investors, Jim Rehor. With decades of experience in business and real estate under his belt, Jim has learned many valuable lessons from the countless upswings and downturns in the real estate market that he has seen over the years. Uncover the stories of his successes and losses, his first-ever flip with Marck, and what got him hooked on real estate in the first place. Jim also shares the biggest tips and advice gathered from his investment experiences so be sure to grab a pen and paper as you tune in to this episode!


  • The current take on the economy.
  • Consequences of political actions on the economy.
  • How Jim got started in real estate.
  • On debt and leverage in real estate.
  • Adapting and surviving through the COVID downturn.
  • The key to accelerating your financial learning curve.
  • What’s the best way to get started on real estate?
  • The importance of property management.


“Leverage is what makes more people go broke."

“Life's a journey and not a destiny.”

“Don't wait to buy real estate, buy real estate and wait.”


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