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Episode #192 of the Level Down Games Podcast. On today's show, the crew is back with a full-sized portion of the LDG Podcast! Sean finally has a few version 1.5 updates on his adventures in Stardew Valley... Bryan talks a bit about Pac-Man 99, Kaze and the Wild Masks, and Lost Words: Beyond the Page... and Kyle has some thoughts on Outriders! From there, Hideo Kojima has been in the news a lot the last few weeks, from his rumored attachment to the recently announced Abandoned to potentially working on something with Microsoft.. we dive in and discuss what could be. Plus Whisker Squadron on Kickstarter for Kickstart My Heart! Email the show at with questions, feedback, suggestions, or whatever else you want! Please consider supporting the show by using our Amazon Affiliate link when shopping online!

Timestamps for this episode are as follows:

  • 00:00:37 - Introductions
  • 00:04:06 - Stardew Valley
  • 00:08:37 - Pac-Man 99
  • 00:12:08 - Kaze and the Wild Masks
  • 00:13:48 - Lost Words: Beyond the Page
  • 00:17:21 - Outriders
  • 00:26:04 - The Sean Waltman Lightning Round (News Roundup)
  • 00:41:03 - New Release Roulette (Week of 4/12/21)
  • 00:50:14 - BGMania Preview
  • 00:51:53 - Wagers
  • 00:55:34 - Kojima's in the News Again...
  • 01:10:01 - Kickstart My Heart (Whisker Squadron)
  • 01:17:42 - Final Words




  • The Intro, New Release Roulette, and Outro music were all provided by @NeonDanTV over on Twitter and used with permission
  • He can also be found over on his Bandcamp page for Midnight Playtime!
  • Kickstart My Heart: "Kickstart My Heart -Eurobeat Remix-" by Turbo
  • Ad Read: "Song of Elune" from World of Warcraft, copyright by Blizzard


  • This episode's Sean Waltman Lightning Round consists of the following being discussed: The Last of Us, RUNNER, The Lightbringer, Xbox Game Pass, PlayStation Now, E3 2021, & Deathloop.
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