Balance at the center — inside the nucleus of the global messaging ecosystem with Mitto’s account management, Podcast


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As Mitto's Vice President of Business Development, Evgeniya Pikina is responsible for making communication happen. Dealing with carriers, aggregators and enterprises on a daily basis, her account management team helps navigate the complex world of A2P messaging. "No single day is the same," mentions Pikina in the podcast. Her mission is to use the Mitto routing platform to ensure messages get delivered in the fastest, most cost-effective way for her customers. Pikina joined the Telecom Reseller podcast to discuss a better definition for the wholesale market, how her team acts as architects of A2P traffic around the world, and what she looks for when hiring a new specialist. Evgeniya and Doug also discuss the gender gap in the technology sector and the steps she and Mitto have taken to progress the company to a 40% female workforce. Visit

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