Have Evergreen Podcasts Gone Out Of Season? [S3E111]


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Recently I’ve been thinking about what’s happening in my listeners’ lives when they aren’t listening to my podcast, and how much they are impacted by the seasonality of the world around them. Should I consider that seasonal/cyclical nature when I’m planning episodes? More to the point: should you?

But before you make the assumption “Nah, bro. I’m evergreen and I’m good,” take a moment to read through these possible examples and see if your opinion changes.

If your podcast is about a topic—sport, TV show, etc—that is highly seasonal in nature, why not plan your show around the season, going so far as to change your episode format and release frequency to match the changing appetite of consumers of that topic?

If your podcast is about a particular location, why not bring those actual seasons into your episodes? The way you experience your location is seasonal, so why not give your listeners a glimpse of what it’s like to do your thing in January vs July?

There’s a very good chance that even your show that you work hard to keep evergreen might be more impacted by seasonality than you think. You could take advantage of your hosting provider’s dynamic content insertion capabilities, which more and more are adding all the time to drop in seasonal bits while the season is active, and then later take them out when that season is over. All without impacting your main content.

Or maybe you should produce a full episode (or series of episodes) dedicated to that particular season, but designed to be short-lived. You could pull them from your feed after the season is over, relegating the content to a “bonus” section on your site or available on request. This keeps your feed evergreen. No speedbumps after the season is over!


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