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On this episode, we catch up on all of the listener questions that we received on social media over the past few weeks. Joining us for the conversation is the one and only Old Greg (OG), our father. Lots of laughs, epic stories, and different perspectives shared in this one. We do our best to answer all of your questions as thoroughly as possible but, as expected we go off on a few tangents...
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Stay Tight,
The Sears Brothers
Some Questions and Topics Covered:
- Catch logs: Format, important information to record, and how we use them
- Tackle priorities and preparing to fish the Northeast Canyons
- When will OG approve speakers on the For2na?
- Our superstitions
- Our favorite fishing destinations
- Our bucket list fish species
- Techniques on targeting smaller tuna
- Our thoughts on kite rigs
- How to get started in the charter fishing industry?
- Safety briefings and safety precautions aboard our boats
- If we won the lottery; the type of boat(s) we would build
- Crimping and top-shot connections
- When did OG realize that he is a super hero?
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