Transit Hookups with Jordan Power! + We Shade: Colton Underwood, Brendon Urie, THEM, Shazam!, The Bachelor, Falcon and Winter Soldier


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With Special Guest Jordan Power! Transit Hookups + Colton Underwood, UPFRONT: Jordan Power from Shame On You and the Unmentionable podcasts. CELEBRITY SHADE: Virgin bachelor Colton Underwood came out and now has a Netflix show. Brendon Urie silent on predatory accusations. THEM faces more backlash. Kirsten Dunst American Beauty at 15. Lil’ Nas X getting kicked off streaming? NERD NEWS: People are mad Bucky’s Wakanda tech was built with a fail safe. Lucy Liu is Kalypso (Shazam sequel), playing Helen Mirren’s sister. ^^^ GET EXCLUSIVE CONTENT AND SUPPORT THE SHOW ON PATREON! ^^^ Connect with us on social: @RichyAndWes | Twitter | Insta | Follow us on Facebook *** Product Codes: Use code WES25 at | Use Code RichyAndWes to get a dollar off and free shipping on the Skin Slipper product applicator - a safer, smarter skin care device SkinSLIPPPER | boiPKG - Use code RICHWEST35 for 35 percent off boiPKG | PookiePots Use code RICHYANDWES for 15 percent off PookiePots ***

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