Episode 8 - Interview with Billy Wagner - Rocky Morality - A Heavy and Trolled Week


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In this week's episode of RBaseball Weekly, Louis and Andy break down all the heavy news and the lighter Trevor Bauer trolling news from the week as well as a wrap up of signings. Then Mazz sits down with user BleaklyPositive and discusses how the Rockies have been one of the most moral front offices in baseball as well as looking at some other ethical hypotheticals. Finally, Bizz and Jimmy sit down with former MLB pitcher and Hall of Fame candidate Billy Wagner to talk about his wrong-handed throwing, college career, and some highlights from his time in the Big Leagues (and his alpacas).

Thanks to users bobichetteismydaddy, Nolan-, futhatsy, CaptainSolo96, and atoms12123 for their question suggestions for Billy Wagner!

24:20 - Rocky Morality

49:20 - Interview with Billy Wagner

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