Pyramid Scheming For Pharaohs


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Every business is a pyramid scheme. MLM's get a bad wrap and everyone talks sh*t on them , but just like every other business if you are doing it wrong it isn't going to work! When you think about it, aren't all businesses pyramid schemes? The people at the bottom do all the grunt work and the people at the top make all the money! The problem isn't the MLM business model itself. It is the spammy "hey girl" marketing tactics that suck, but if we're honest here how many coaches or other online service providers send those same "hey girl messages?"

In this episode Nicole lays out her new strategy that she uses to build residual income right alongside her online coaching business. As you know strategy isn't all you need. How you think and feel directly impacts your business. When your gut-brain axis is aligned you sleep better; when you sleep better we feel better; and when you feel better you get better results!

Before you start hating on MLM's get your head in the game and press play now to learn:

-How to build a residual income stream alongside your coaching business

-Strategically build your downline

-How to keep your clients in your world longer

-How to align your gut-brain axis

Real Unicorns Don't Wear Pants and they don't do what everyone else is doing just for the sake of it!

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