#090 - Shawn Stevenson: Microbiome Mysteries, The Natural Human Diet, Food Sensitivities, Dietary Fat & Burning Body Fat, Environmental Toxins, Gut Dysbiosis, And More!


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7:50 - Shawn's Background

9:20 - Unique Metabolic Protocols

12:10 - Empowering Patients

13:20 - Clinical Trial To Clinical Practice

16:20 - Deciphering The Science Literature

16:55 - The Microbiome, Diet & Metabolism

19:20 - The Prevalence Of Statins

20:00 - Statins And Diabetes

21:55 - The Microbiome Of Obesity And Leanness

25:30 - Pesticides Effect On Microbiome

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30:25 - Probiotics

33:20 - The Human Immune System

35:25 - Epigenetics And The Microbiome

38:30 - Obesity In America

39:50 - Adapting To A Change In Diet

40:50 - Microbes And Longevity

43:05 - Prebiotics

44:00 - Improving The Microbiome Diversity

44:30 - Weight Regain And Other Symptoms

45:15 - The Microbiome Of Real Food

46:00 - "Post"-Biotics

46:30 - Washing Fruit And Vegetables

47:30 - Exposure To Pesticides

49:20 - Pesticides And Environmental Toxins In Food

50:40 - The Immune System In Your Gut

52:10 - Grains In The Human Diet

54:10 - Gluten And Leptin Resistance

56:10 - Gluten Crossing The Gut Barrier

57:30 - Creating Dysbiosis By Accident

1:01:10 - Food Sensitives

1:03:20 - Sprouting To Reduce Antinutrients

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1:06:30 - Food Becoming Fat, And Burning Fat

1:09:20 - The Need To Rename Dietary Fat

1:11:00 - Subcutaneous Fat

1:12:45 - Visceral Fat

1:14:05 - Intramuscular Fat

1:15:40 - Structural Fats

1:15:40 - Brown Adipose Tissue (BAT)

1:16:50 - Beige Adipose Tissue

1:19:20 - Does Keto Increase Intramuscular Fat?

1:20:15 - The Quality Of The Macronutrients

1:21:00 - Do Fat Cells Want To Be Full?

1:23:30 - Resiliency Of Fat Cells

1:26:00 - The Role Of Hunger And Calories In Over-Restriction

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