Kingship in Camelot: The Quest for Justice in Arthurian Myth


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“‘You will find,’ he explained, ‘that when the kings are bullies who believe in force, the people are bullies too. If I don't stand for law, I won't have law among my people.’”

In this episode Rachel and Phoebe discuss the figure of King Arthur in Malory’s Le Morte Darthur, the biblical echoes of his kingship, his attempt to create a just society and his failure to embody Christ-like ideals. We also discuss the new Catholic magazine, Leaven, launched by friend of the show, Greg Daly. It’s a digital magazine which showcases a coherently and distinctly Irish Catholic vision, and explores a mix of topics from science to literature, pop culture to social justice, history to philosophy and beyond. It’s first edition features articles and interviews with a range of established and new Catholic writers, including an article by Rachel on the theme of Pentecost in Arthurian myth, which forms a backdrop to this podcast episode.

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Works mentioned in this episode:

Le Morte Darthur, The Winchester Manuscript by Sir Thomas Malory

The Once and Future King by T.H. White

“The Sword of the Spirit,” Leaven by Rachel Sherlock

“King Arthur and the Liturgical Year,” quiteirregular by Jem Bloomfield

“Lancelot Versus the Pentecostal Oath,” Arthurian Literature by Kiera Schneider

“A Real Catholic Monarchy,” The Distributist Review by John C. Médaille

“Reflections for the Feast of Christ the King,” Vatican News by Fr. Antony Kadavil

“Christ the King of the Universe,” National Catholic Reporter by Mary M. McGlone, CSJ

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