Defining Covert (Vulnerable) Narcissists


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Have you been convinced that everything about you was "wrong?" Does someone in your life make you feel "off," in a way that's anxious, fearful, defeated, and self-doubting? Ever see that the person "helping" actually seemed to make the situation a lot worse? And then... do they bring it up for the next 20 years or so as proof of their merit? Ah, yeah. So my recent realization comes to a head, thanks to some deep dives into Covert (Vulnerable) Narcissist research. How about you? Today, we're talking about the characteristics of a Covert Narc and the symptoms that may present in YOU, in the aftermath. Dealing with a CovNarc situation of your own? Tell me about it and help with the mf crowdsourced episode goal. Hit me up anytime at or --- Send in a voice message:

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