S03 E18 Don't Do It Like That


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Our world is becoming more litigious by the day. And, there have been some consequences of that tendency that we all see, every day, and more and more than ever. It’s getting to the point where we nearly ignore them. And, that’s probably not good because they really are helpful – sometimes.

What am I talking about?

Those bright yellow, orange, or red images known as warning labels. caution signs, hazard signs, and idiot stickers.

You see them on the street, mixed in with billboards, location signs, business signs, speed limit signs, and parking signs.

You see them on products from paint to detergent, 4 wheelers to pickleball paddles, and even food.
Folks are in a position where they have to add warnings to everything to try and avoid lawsuits. But, there is just not enough space on most stuff to place a warning sticker for every potential hazard on everything.

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