Episode 22 - Ken Monroe, G2 CEO of 800 Employee 4 Gen Family Caterpillar Dealership


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Ken Monroe is the President of HOLT of California who took part in his family’s legacy as a 2nd generation in a 4th generation business.

HOLT of California is part of the elite group of Caterpillar Construction machinery, also known as CAT, dealers worldwide that is based in Northern Central California. They have over 11 locations in their territory which covers sixteen counties for the traditional Caterpillar product line, as well as all of Central Northern California for Caterpillar Lift Trucks and the East Bay Area and the Reno/Sparks area for our Mitsubishi & Clark forklift lines. Their five divisions: Earthmoving, Agriculture, Power Systems, Material Handling, and The Cat Rental Store - function to serve all industries.

The well-established company provides equipment solutions for the diverse needs of their customers like selling a wide variety of equipment, including Large and Small Construction Tractors, Agricultural Equipment, Forklifts, Racking Systems, Telescopic Handlers, Prime, and Stand-by-Power Generation, UPS Systems and On-Highway Truck Engines. They’re also in the business of renting out Caterpillar and other preferred manufactured equipment to contractors.

Ken has since assumed the position of President of the company when Tenco Tractor Inc. and Holt Bros came together to form HOLT of California back in 1999.

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