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Hellllooooo voice actors of audio joy and audio drama lovers everywhere!
This week I have the hugely inspirational LORY MARTINEZ of Ochenta Podcasts on the show, and we talk all things.... her ways in to creating Mija and then the founding of the company - Ochenta Podcasts and beyonnnddd. We talk how she voice acted through accents and language. and was able to bring to life her own family story, dramatising it, and voicing in several languages, battling imposter syndrome, and building success!
If you too would like to join in the OCHENTA PODCAST fun, she does do a call to arms for voice actors - yes! So feel free to email them with your voice reels and experience - to
THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR LISTENING! Please do share this so other folks can hear it and feel thusly inspired by all my amazing guests!
HUZZHAS FOR MY PATREONS who continue to help me create some truly - I think - groovy things on the audio landscape...
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