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**THIS WEEKS EPISODE IS BROUGHT TO YOU BY** WWW.SOMEDAYSAREDIAMONDS.CO.UK This week: Sinead Matthews. Stunning actor, so ridiculously gifted. What drew me to talking with her was her performance in Jellyfish. She does of course have an entire back catalogue of very committed and brillaint work which I have now taken a look at, as should you. We talk about her journey but also how she was held back and had to learn to deal with a stammer from a young age. A subject that really developes the episode. If you need something different in your life then go here: WWW.SOMEDAYSAREDIAMONDS.CO.UK Theres the Limehouse Podcast episodes and blog along with my short film, comedy pilot and music. So So much! If you enjoyed the show it's a great way to re-pay me. BYE!

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