Creating Team Culture and Defining Your Owner's Intent with Casey Graham


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"Why do you really own this business?"
That's the one question that Casey Graham, co-founder and CEO of Gravy Solutions, believes that all entrepreneurs and business owners should ask themselves in order to develop their Owner's Intent.
So, what exactly is an Owner's Intent? It's a single sentence that answers that question above. It's not just a surface level answer. It requires you going 5 layers deep and asking yourself why you REALLY do what do you.
That's how a true culture in your business will be created, because once you know WHY you do what you do, all of your decisions and actions will stem from that.
Defining your Owner's Intent really helps you determine what you really want for your life and then taking a look to see if your current actions match up to get you there.
Owner's Intent is just one nugget you'll get out of this episode with Casey Graham.
Tune in to hear how he went from owning and selling his first business, acting on 12 new business ideas in 14 months to where he is now as the CEO of Gravy Solutions.
Casey also shares his passion for doing less and obsessing, creating team culture and developing leaders within his company.

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