Episode 172: Friends--Finding, Keeping, and Loving Them with Julie Fisk & Kendra Roehl


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This is another conversation we cannot engage too frequently: Friendship. How in the world can we do it well? Real-life friends, authors, and founders of The Ruth Experience, Julie Fisk and Kendra Roehl, wisely and winsomely engaged Laurie’s latest habit of tossing quite challenging questions at guests. Together, the group explored: How do we confront our friends? What about friend-shame? (If I feel that I have too few friends or not enough time for the ones I have?) Should we wait for friends to come to us or do we go to them? How do you know if you are asking too much of your friendships? Do guys do friendship differently? What if we are attracted to our friends? I Highlights I “If the girls of Jesus linked arms and did healthy community with one another, I think we would be an unstoppable force.” -Julie Fisk “We can trust the Holy Spirit more than we think we can when it comes to relationships.” -Kendra Roehl “God asks us to move, and He will meet us when we move, but He often pushes us out of our comfort zones. And as the girls who believe in Jesus, we are to be the inviters…I understand the desire…to be invited, but I have found more often than not, I have to be the inviter….Jesus frequently makes me take the step.” -Julie Fisk I Do the Next Thing I Want to hear more from Julie, Kendra, and the Ruth Experience? Head over to their website here. http://www.theruthexperience.com Guys! The Journey Well Study is ON SALE this week! Check it out here. https://lauriekrieg.com/product/journey-well-study-explore-your-deepest-needs-and-how-to-meet-them/ Want to join a monthly, live Q and A conversation with Matt and Laurie and others who listen? Support the ministry and $15 or more a month and you’ll get exclusive access to this as well as other ministry exclusives and updates! https://lauriekrieg.com/partner/ Watch this Conversation! https://vimeo.com/546704517

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