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Italy, an advanced country of 60 million people, gets 20 times less startup money than Boston. My angel investing buddy Arrigo Bodda thinks there’s ample room for growth. He is working with 42N, a consultancy focused on bringing Italian startups to the US. At the junction of design and cleantech, Italy has intriguing things to offer.


  • Sal Daher Introduces Arrigo Bodda, Angel Investor
  • Arrigo’s Startups: TireTutor, the Marketplace for Buyers of Tires
  • TireTutor Connects Buyers with Independent Local Suppliers
  • The Startup Scene in Italy Is Beginning to Develop
  • com, a Marketplace for Design Items
  • Sal’s Italian Designer Office Chair
  • The 42N Initiative to Mentor Italian Startups
  • Room to Grow: Boston & Cambridge Get 20X the Startup Funding of All Italy
  • “This hunger to succeed is not something that is unique to the United States.”
  • com: Design Objects the Generate Solar Power
  • “What if your sculpture could charge your Tesla?”
  • 42N Is Working with Cleantech Open Accelerator to Find Italian Startups
  • Black Soldier Fleas to Break Down Organic Waste in the Home
  • 20 to 1 Weight Reduction for Organic Refuse
  • Self-Adjusting Ecosystem of Black Soldier Fleas in a Small Form Factor
  • 42N Plans to Work with Startups and Private Companies
  • Acquired a Producer of Plant-Based Protein in Latvia
  • Becoming an Advisor as a Prelude to Investing

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