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Today on The Viall Files we have one of our favorite conversations with Sheila Kelley. Sheila is not only an actress you may know from shows like The Good Doctor, but also a Feminine Embodiment Leader. She is the Founder of S Factor which is featured in the Netflix documentary Strip Down, Rise Up. In the documentary and in her classes, Sheila helps women regain their erotic energy and become comfortable in their skin. S Factor is a practice that brings you home to your body, awakening confidence and sensuality, through movement and community with others looking for the same thing. Nick and Sheila talk about being comfortable with your sexuality, embracing your erotic energy, how women should start knowing their body, and letting your body move the way it was supposed to. In doing that you may find your purest sense of strength and self.

“How about, lets dance on a pole and free our sexual desire.”

Find out more about S Factor at www.sfactor.com

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