154th Episode with Jim Egerton, Founder of Business on the Board


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In Episode 154, I converse with Jim Egerton, Founder of Business on the Board™, a talent development company that uses a game-based approach to teach business strategies and tactics. By incorporating a #1 Best Selling business management self-development book into our clients’ experiences, their leaders gain a competitive advantage by becoming better prepared to lead and make strategic decisions using the mindset and skills of a chess master. Read my review of Jim's book here. Listen to Jim speak at even we did at UBS in November, 2018 here.
We speak about our UBS event, chess as a simulator for business, chess' impact on the formation of Paypal, the center of the United States and the chess board, the benefits of corporate chess classes, the 1st FIDE Corporate Chess Corporate Chess Championships, the trajectory of corporate chess and more.

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