75: So What Do Us Millennials ACTUALLY Do When We Are Feeling LOST? Tess Brigham Is Here To Help


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Welcome back to another MOOD! This week we are joined by Tess Brigham who has been dubbed the ‘Millennial Therapist’ by CNBC, Oprah Magazine, The New York Times, and more! Tess specializes in helping millennials discover their unique life path! She offers individuals concrete tools and skills on navigating obstacles in their lives when feeling lost. She is a vital resource for those who may be feeling stuck, uninspired, or uncertain by where they are in life. She brings her experience within the worlds of psychotherapy and coaching together to work with young adults on relationships, mental health, and career development. I absolutely love our conversation and know you will too! And as always we discuss my best mood, worst mood, and mood boosters of the week!
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