Louis Nelson, "Mosaic: War Monument Mystery" (239 Productions, 2021)


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The Korean War is now America's seminal war. It was the first war conducted with the new United Nations, the first war fought against the Chinese Communists, and the first modern war the US didn't win. Louis Nelson designed the mural wall at the Korean Veterans Memorial on the Mall in Washington DC. His just published memoir, Mosaic: War Monument Mystery, An Historical Memoir (239 Productions, 2021), is his story about the Korean War today and its Memorial. It is a story of death, rescue and growth. MOSAIC examines how this war affected him and its veterans--then and now--leading to the design of the memorial. It situates the memorial in its context featuring the Washington Monument, and the Lincoln and Vietnam Memorials. It is also the story of one of the late 20th century's great designers.

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