#14 - The First Ingredient is Love with Brigitta Beer of Food Effects Nutrition


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In this episode, we talk to the owner of Food Effects Nutrition about how our mindset about food can significantly affect our relationship with food. Brigitta Beer shares her journey as a child and how she struggled with certain food. The realization she made that it’s not the mindset she’d like to pass on to her kids. We also talked about the challenges of having kids who are picky eaters and what you can do as a mom to support them. More importantly, we covered the culture of dieting and how this has affected most of us negatively.
Brigitta was working towards becoming a personal trainer and in the process, started more formal training in nutrition, and it just clicked one day. She realized she needed to really undo a lot of what she thought about food and health and rebuild based on what her body told her it needed – and what was harming it. Now, she’s a registered holistic nutritionist, and she believes she can help people best by listening to their symptoms and looking at their live blood.
With advanced certification in live blood analysis, looking at a person’s blood under a microscope gives us tons of indications about what’s going on between their gut, digestion, pH balance, nutrient deficiencies, organ imbalances – plus so much more – and their overall health. When we correct the imbalances, the rest of the body falls in line. And how do we do this? With real food.
To learn more about Brigitta’s services, head on over to her website: https://foodeffects.ca/ or send her a DM on IG: https://www.instagram.com/food_effects_nutrition/

Show notes
[1:45] Who is Brigitta and what she does?
[5:56] The culture of dieting
[10:18] It’s not the cookie or the salad; it’s your attitude
[11:17] The first ingredient is love
[12:55] Food is social and emotional
[13:57] Brigitta’s liver story
[15:55] Dealing with kids being picky eaters
[20:55] How we use "diet" wrong
[24:21] Intuitive eating and education is empowerment
[27:30] Celebration in suffering
[29:21] What is "ideal"?
[30:13] One action step for our listeners
[31:46] Where to find more of Brigitta: Food Effects Nutrition
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