Episode 38: Angie Bloom


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Angie Bloom is such a brilliant force in this world! A mom, fitness enthusiast, health and wellness coach, educator and director at Beauty Counter, and a Human Design reader… she truly lives her purpose and empowers so many with her knowledge, passion, and powerful story. We had so much fun diving into all things - meditation, nourishment, her gymnastics days and struggles with disordered eating and body image, not feeling like she was ever good enough to shifting her lens and her way of living, discovering self-love, empowerment, trust, flow. Angie talks about being a Manifesting Generator and all that human design has taught her; she shares about slowing down, her daily rituals and routines, mom-life, her love of a good sweat, and empowerment. This bold and beautiful soul inspires others from all over with her courageous heart and energy. Pause, tune in, and enjoy! And if you are interested in reaching out to Angie directly, find her at www.angiebloom.com.

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