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With excitement, let me introduce to you Angela Cacace.
She’s one of the star players pulling the pieces together for the circle of equality in the trades.

This circle is built on women builders, achievers, trailblazers, educators, and believers.
This circle holds its strength through:

Perseverance – appreciate where you are and have the courage to push forward.
Fearless – when life becomes limitless
Freedom – being yourself without permission
Believe in this quote “YOU ARE RARE” and deserving of everything you dream of.

She is an example of determination.
She spent the last fourteen (14) years as a tradeswoman.

Operating her own remodel design and custom carpentry business A. Marie Design Build LLC, which helps homeowners create space they dreamed of.
Angela is a woman on a mission. She’s Believe it’s her calling to elevate the voices of Women in male dominated industries.

This sister is a true and generous woman that believes in thanking the women who blazed a trail for her.

Words to remember:
Keep going!
Keep going!
Keep going!
Anything possible!
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