Episode 473: Predator


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In this episode of the B-Movie cast we’re saying the “B” stands for “Blockbuster” as we do the first in our series of big studio B-Movies that were summer blockbusters! What blockbuster are we checking out? The 1987 sci-fi/action classic “Predator” staring 2 future Governors and launching a franchise that is still going strong to this day. To talk about this iconic film Mary and Nic are joined by Matt Niehoff. Matt, along with his partner Brian Cunningham, is the co-owner of ThoughtFly Studios in Louisville Kentucky. He’s worked on numerous film and television projects and was the co-writer and director of “Loss Prevention”. Matt is also an action film aficionado and the perfect choice to check out this classic. So grab a drink, heat up that TV dinner, and get ready to ‘get to the choppa!’ as we check out “Predator”.

To learn more about ThoughtFly Studios and see some of Matt and Brian’s work visit: www.thoughtfly.com

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