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Talking Points:

  • Creating Open Source Software
  • Why Bootstrap was created
  • The development scene in the early 2000s
  • What you should know to learn quickly

Quotable Quotes:

  • (Why bootstrap was created) "I just wanted to create a toolkit internally to make it so that my peers on my team could create these tools in a beautiful way." - JT
  • "I don't have a traditional computer science background. I studied literature in school. When I moved into the industry, I felt like I had a ton to learn, obviously not writing code, except for some basic HTML and CSS." - JT
  • "Getting a job at a startup as a designer, then being frustrated no one could build my designs, learning CSS, JavaScript and really leaning on open source libraries like jQuery...I just got so much from that." - - JT
  • "For every project like that (Bootstrap), I wrote a hundred thousand other things, or I had a hundred dumb conversations with friends where we paired on something over a beer and nothing really came of it." - JT
  • "I don't even know what the quote is. It's something like hard work beats talent when talent is lazy or some #!&$, but basically just outwork everyone." - JT
  • "A lot of the ways that I think bootstrap is so special is that it taught so many people how to code, more than a style guide that helps you with that." - JT
  • "You have to work past the insecurity of failing to some extent because learning is hard and software is hard." - JT

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