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Many of us start off on the “wrong foot” or wind up in a seemingly dead-end job. The kind of place where our growth and need for creativity are limited. While a few of us stay, there are those who decided to take the plunge for little soul searching until we strike gold. Today’s guest, Larah Loutati — founder and CEO of her own company, Vitable Australia — grew up in the coastal town of Agadir, Morocco. Larah later moved to Europe to take a degree in communication and finance, and finally Australia to build her start-up. Larah left her seaside childhood town in Morocco to joining the corporate rat race in Europe, to breezing through hospitality in Bondi Beach. Until she found her calling for product development in nutrition. Enabling her to connect directly to customers with ways that could optimise their experience. She is also now expanding her vitamin business overseas. It is an incredible journey and even better story. Hit the play button now to listen in Laura’s amazing journey to destiny and get inspired!

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