The Messy Middle of a Surrendered Faith with Leah Rempel


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I like to control things. There, I said it. For the longest, I have led myself to believe that being in control has been the best way to get things done. Can you relate, friend? Can I be really honest? Maintaining this death grip of control is really starting to wear me out and is not sustainable. My friend, Leah Rempel, is here to help those of us who are struggling with the messy middle of a surrendered faith. She is opening up about her struggles with transitioning from her successful career to her role as a mother. We also talk about:

  • Why we should regularly inventory of our faith
  • What faith in action really looks like
  • Why it has been a struggle to love the church lately
  • Practical steps we all can start taking today to integrate faith into our everyday lives

About Leah Rempel:
Leah Rempel is the host of the Faith School Podcast, a podcast dedicated to equipping and encouraging women to claim the name of Kingdom Builder. She loves to lead women to follow God from the inside out, integrate their faith into their everyday lives, and intentionally pursue personal ministries. She is a wife, mom, and former teacher living in the Great White North.
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