Pro Networking: What’s The Best Social Media Channel For Growing My Business?


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In the What’s The Best Social Media Channel For Growing My Business networking event, green industry professionals Craig Willeford of Clean Cut Yards, Brent Mitchell of HighLine Landscaping, and Mitchell Gordy of Mitchell’s Lawn Care LLC share their thoughts on how to customize a social media effort that works for your business.

The topics on the show today include:

  • The different places where you can find clientele
  • The importance of using social media for your business
  • The importance of being cognisant about the things you say on social media
  • The strategies that you should be using to build your social media platforms
  • What kinds of content to post on different social media platforms
  • What social media platforms to use for your specific business/needs
  • The impotence of using social media for customer service
  • Tips for joining and growing your business on social media

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