Gratitude Meditation With Frank & Rayko


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Learn about the benefits of meditation and how to integrate the practice of gratitude into your meditation practice! My guests, Frank Kilpatrick and Rayko, are the producers of the Gratitude Meditation Music podcast, and They integrated their musical and songwriting backgrounds into their meditation practice.

We talk about the importance of gratitude and reflection on the good things in our world, and how calming and therapeutic this is. We also talk about meditation using visual imagery and music, and how to get started meditating. Lastly, they talk about their suicide prevention project and “Stay Alive” video.

Show notes:

  • [0:32] What is the gratitude meditation project?
  • [5:40] Why is gratitude so powerful? How can one incorporate it into meditation?
  • [9:45] Benefits of meditation and why guided imagery/music is helpful
  • [16:30] About their suicide prevention project and the “Stay Alive” video.
  • [24:00] Rayko’s music background
  • [28:00] How to become patient with the process and focusing on the positive in life

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