Public Banks: Decarbonisation, Definancialisation and Democratisation by Thomas Marois (Book Preview)


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Today I am joined with Thomas Marois from the School of Oriental and African Studies to discuss the backdrop to his latest book "Public Banks. Decarbonisation, Definancialisation and Democratisation" which is coming out with Cambridge University Press in May 2021. Critical social scientists have abundantly analyzed the ideas, institutions and power relations sustaining financialization - as well as the social and environmental dislocations it produces. Concrete, normative propositions about institutions that could offer alternatives are much rarer: Tom’s new book synthesizes his long empirical research on the institutional structures and politics of public banks in both the Global South and North, but also his normative stance on how public financial institutions could re-embed finance in society and leverage financial capital for politically just, socially productive and environmentally sound uses.
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Marois, T. (2021) A Dynamic Theory of Public Banks (and Why it Matters). Review of Political Economy. Published online.

McDonald, D.A. and Marois, T. and Spronk, S. (2021) 'Public Banks + Public Water = SDG 6?'. Water Alternatives, (14) 1, pp 117-134.

Marois, T. and Güngen, A.R. (2016) ‘Credibility and Class in the Evolution of Turkey’s Public Banks’, Journal of Peasant Studies, 43(6): 1285-1309.

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