How to Stop Worrying, Be Confident and Make Friends & The Power of Awe and Wonder


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Has it ever happened that your cellphone rang or buzzed but when you checked it had not? It was a phantom ring. This episode begins with an explanation as to why that happens to a lot of us.

Here are three fairly common concerns of people:

• They worry too much

• They don’t have enough confidence

• They wish they had more friends

Listen to Helen Thomsen a writer and consultant who is author of This Book Could Fix Your Life. ( Helen looked at the substantial research into these and other human issues and joins me to discuss strategies to help, if these are things you would like to improve in your life.

You know what it feels like to be in awe. It’s that feeling when you first see the Grand Canyon or when you see your child for the first time after being born - that’s awe! It turns out that creating that feeling of awe is fairly easy and when you create that feeling it is actually good for your health and happiness. Allen Klein, author of The Book of Awe ( explains how to capture that sense of awe and wonder in your everyday life and reveals the research that shows the benefits.

A lot of folks are afraid of bees. Maybe you should be afraid of killer bees or murder hornets but what about plain old honeybees? Are the dangerous? Will they attack? Listen as I explain some truths and bust some myths about bees and just how dangerous they really are.


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