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Chubby! on Facebook: @chicago-skyway Long-time Chicago native and house champion Chicago Skyway is the latest welcomed artist for the Chubby! Podcast. Sean Hernandez has been producing for the past near 15 years releasing EP's on some of the best underground labels around. He has multiple releases on the iconic label M>O>S Recordings, the highly-regarded Uzuri, Emphasis and Eargasmic labels among others.. But these fruitful years were first supported by being a fan of the music for another 15 years prior to writing his own. A solid foundation of learning the history of the genre while being an avid collector and DJ is in our eyes, the best way to come up. Learn what has been done so you have something to say. And to find the inspiration to express your own point of view. Sean has earned his stripes like that. Naturally, being a fan of house and techno will take root and express themselves through the personality of the producer. Chicago Skyway is that outlet's name. The music is energetic, infectious and full of treated house sophistication. A party music for the future that's balanced with the origins of the classics. Sean Hernandez is that ideal balance of being a honed Dj and producer to make an out of the podcast! Here is an example of what he's all about... Black Jazz Consortium - Blessings Atjazz feat. Ernesto - Put It On (Osunlade Club Mix) Efde - CMP135 (Original Mix) Skymark - Find a Place in This Crazy World (Ron Trent Mix) Kyle Hall - 4wrd Motion Chateau Flight - Instant Replay Jimpster - Solitude Hipnotic - Naima (Ian O'Brien Remix) Stefan Ringer - SO Aybee - A Novel Gesture Alton Miller - One Way Back

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