Anish Kaushal on what Venture Capitalists are looking for in Neurotech Companies


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Anish Kaushal is an analyst at Amplitude VC which is looking at investing in neurotech companies. In this episode we talk about what they look for when investing into a company

1:30 "Do you want to introduce yourself a little bit? "

10:30 "How is venture capital different in med tech versus Silicon Valley?"

14:15 "So you guys do, would you say that you guys put more research upfront into investments vs Silicon Valley-style investors?"

16:30 "Due Diligence for, six months or a year, what are you doing during that time? What takes so long?"

21:30 "If somebody wants to be like the best candidate, what would be the best candidate for you?"

26:30 "You guys haven't invested anything yet, but what's on your radar?"

31:00 "And then how about for neurotechnology neuromodulation, neural implants?"

34:30 "What are some misconceptions or what are some things that people don't know about VCs and, med tech, VCs that they probably should know about, or maybe that they think is, but it's wrong?"

38:00 "Is there anything that we didn't talk about that you wanted to mention?"

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