Amanpour: Enrique Acevedo, Ben Rhodes, Paxton Smith and Julie DiCaro


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Other U.S. leaders have tried to stem Latin American migration, so what’s new about Vice President Harris’ effort? "60 Minutes+" correspondent Enrique Acevedo joins Bianna Golodryga, standing in for Christiane Amanpour, to discuss what's different this time around. Then former Obama adviser Ben Rhodes, author of "After the Fall," says the best way to fight nationalism abroad is to make democracy work at home. 18-year-old Texan Paxton Smith used her valedictorian speech to rail against a controversial new abortion law in Texas; the new “heartbeat” bill blocks the procedure as early as six weeks before many even know they’re pregnant and doesn’t include exceptions for rape or incest. She explains her motivations behind the speech and what’s next for her. Then sports journalist Julie DiCaro joins our Michel Martin to talk about her new book “Sidelined” that examines sexism in professional sports. They dig into the fight for equal pay, Naomi Osaka dropping out of the French Open to prioritize her mental health and the sexist treatment of Serena Williams.

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