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Roger N Farah is finally joining us in studio to do the business show and dropping serious knowledge. Regardless of your industry or craft, you can learn from this show.

Pops, if you did not know, is a heavy hitter. He just retired as Chairman of the Board of Tiffany & Co., having organized the largest luxury retail sales merger in history, selling the company to LVMH last year. He was President and COO of Ralph Lauren for 15 years, CEO of Venator Inc (which owns all FootLocker brands) for a decade, ran three Department Store chains before that, and was even CEO Saks Fifth Avenue in 1987 at just 33 years old. (Boy do I feel unsuccessful). He graduated from the Wharton School at UPenn in three years while playing both Soccer and Basketball. We're going to be talking about his incredible 50 year career in luxury retailing, and taking your business questions!

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