Episode 4 - The Billionaires Won Covid (feat. Nick Rogers)


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We discuss the domestic side of the United States’ forever war. What do the Cold War tactics like those deployed by the FBI’s Cointelpro look like today? Then, social historian and Yale PhD student Nick Rogers stops by to tell us whether or not our grandchildren will end up space peasants in a neofeudal hellscape. Remember you can support us on Patreon.

We made some claims this week! You can start to investigate for yourself here:

Newburgh 4

Khalil Abu Rayyan

Adel Daoud

Wickham, Chris. "Productive Forces and the Economic Logic of the Feudal Mode of Production." Historical Materialism 16 (2008): 3-22.

For a much more thorough discussion see Wickham, Chris. Framing the Early Middle Ages: Europe and the Mediterranean, 400-800. Oxford University Press, 2005.

For commercial capitalism: Banaji, Jairus. A Brief History of Commercial Capitalism. Haymarket, 2020.

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