#10 The Museum of Marty With Marty Chatrin


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Today I’m speaking with Marty Chatrin. Marty is pretty much moving towards legendary status in the punk and metal scenes of Western Canada, as you’ll hear. He’s 59 years old, but still as peppy and motivated as ever. He’s contributed to the development and advancement of countless bands since the early 80s, and as a result, has some pretty amazing stories to tell.

Some topics we cover are:

-The immense influence of Canadian punk legends NOMEANSNO; the upcoming book anthology of their career

-Adapting to practicing on electronic drums

-His early bands in the 80s; influence of D.O.A., Dayglo Abortions

-Band houses and unofficial venues

-Touring and gigging in one’s 50s and 60s

-Local scenes in Edmonton, Calgary and Winnipeg

-Early days of FM radio

-The inception of his drumming career; what six years of air drumming produces

-Observing drummers at arena shows in the 80s

-The development of his own idiosyncratic style

-The importance of surrounding oneself with players that push skills/abilities forward

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Marty's Bands (partial list):

Red Hot Lovers

Crystal Mess


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